Manufacturer of Wire and Bar for the Fastener Industry

Brown-Pacific is committed to be the highest quality manufacturer of stainless, nickel and high-temperature alloy wire & bar products in the industry.

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Brown-Pacific was established in 1968 as a top tier producer of stainless, high nickel, and high temperature alloy wire and bar. Primarily servicing the aerospace fastener market, Brown-Pacific manufactures product to the tight mechanical and dimensional specifications required by our customers. A long tradition of high quality customer service along with a superior quality product lays the foundation for continued growth within the industry.

Our Products

What We Do

With machines customized to process stainless steel, high temperature alloys, and high nickel wire and bar, Brown-Pacific can assure performance to customer’s specifications. Brown-Pacific has drawing, shaving, chemical milling, copper plating, heat treating and annealing, descaling, pickling, and bar straightening & grinding on site, allowing for no outside process requirements in the production of wire and bar. Along with copper plating, Brown-Pacific also offers non-metallic coatings such as lime, soap, wax, and Miraflex, a proprietary lubricant for cold-heading operations. Our industry experience will empower seamless capacity expansion as we continue to grow within the available square footage of our site.

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