Founded in late 1960’s

Brown-Pacific is located in Santa Fe Springs, CA with a primary focus as a manufacturer of wire and bar products for the fastener industry. After a long and successful history as a single-facility business, the company was acquired in 2023 by the current ownership group, Tinicum, and subsequently renamed as STS Metals, Inc. (consisting of Brown-Pacific, TSI Titanium, Sierra Alloys and Sierra Sheet & Plate).

With nearly 50,000 square feet of manufacturing footprint

Brown-Pacific possesses 5 dedicated single-draft wire drawing work centers to serve downstream in-house processing to produce high-quality wire and bar products. These key assets, combined with industry-leading chemical milling and copper plating processes, allows for the capability to draw, shave, chem-mill, plate, heat treat, straighten, cut, finish and test specialty grades of stainless and nickel-based materials to serve a niche within the industry. Brown-Pacific’s focus on serving the aerospace, marine, defense and automotive markets for over fifty-years has earned the highest reputation for product quality, integrity, reliability and customer service in the industry.

Joined together with the STS Metals enterprise

The companies offer a comprehensive line of products and services that are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively to the industry.